Coping with Fake News and Disinformation – Devlin Smith | Book Review

Everybody needs information. After the dot-com discovery, there is a massive inflow of information in the world. Every stakeholder wants to meddle and control this flow. They do not hesitate to sugar-coat, malign or even spread rumours. Fake news wave flows across all tiers of the society.

I know someone in a village, who killed and cooked all his pet chickens. Because somebody told him that world will be no more in 2000. After media is run for profit by private players, journolists starts targeted bullying to bring down their opponents. Governments wants to control the press as much as they can. If not, it tries to adjust the flow of news using its moles inside. On this background, I would like to write about a book, I borrowed recently from library as part of #TBRChallenge by Blogchatter.

The pouring of news in dailies/TVs/social media are all poured by different parties based on their own interest. When it is in aligned with our view, we believe it is true. In addition, we starts sharing with our circle without verifying.

Fact-verifying is another jiggery-pokery. It can’t be 100% right always. On the other side, fact-checking all news is not practically not possible at all.

In this case, making juveniles aware of the news process, news consumption becomes important. That is what this book tries to do. ‘Coping with Fake news and Disinformation’ written by Devlin Smith.

This book has 6 chapters.
A Free Press
Making the news
Faking the news
Finding the truth
Information overload
Consuming the news.

It starts approaching the false news behaviour from the historical background. The book ends where it tries to create awareness of how to consume the news. Author tries to target the teens to create media awareness. So the book is pleasingly stitched with bigger fonts, colourful typesetting and interesting pictures. I liked the chapter that describes the fake news that provocated America and Spain to burst into a war.

I think this book will be of interest of socially-aware teens.

To write about the author, Devlin Smith, writes across different genres for the past 2 decades. She studies English with Journalism as specialization.

Name of the book: Coping with fake news and disinformation
Author: Devlin Smith
Publisher: New York : Rosen Publishing,2020.
Genre: Juvenile Literature – Media literacy. Fake news.
ISBN: 9781725341203
NLB | Amazon

I’m participating in the #TBRChallenge by Blogchatter. With this, I wrap up this challenge as well as 2022. See you in 2023.

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