Yudhishthira, A Failed Gambler | Mahabharata Paintings

Yudhishitra the failed gambler

Duryodhana was jealous about Pandava's wealth. In addition, he got humiliated when he fell down into water at the palace of Indraprastha. By mistake, he thought Draupadi mocked him with derision. He wanted to take revenge for this. Shakuni - his maternal uncle - consoled him. He ensured him that he can win Pandava-s with … Continue reading Yudhishthira, A Failed Gambler | Mahabharata Paintings

Jeyamohan’s Yayati and Fellow Indians’ Shah Jahan

While we are debating about Taj Mahal and Shah Jahan like never before, I came across an interesting novel Maamalar by Jeyamohan. This fiction work, based on Indian epic Mahabharata, portrays the character of coward Chandravamsa King, Yayati. We all know about Yayati's story in our childhood days. He is son of King Nahusha and … Continue reading Jeyamohan’s Yayati and Fellow Indians’ Shah Jahan

Kratham | Jeyamohan

Kratham is the 12nd novel in the Venmurasu series, the modern rewriting effort of ancient epic Mahabharata by Tamil writer Jeyamohan. This portrays the spiritual journey of Arjuna, to get mighty weapons and  from the directional forces. This journey has connection with the previous novel Kandeepam. After he lost his one-to-one fight with Krishna, the … Continue reading Kratham | Jeyamohan

Īrār̲ukālkoṇṭel̲um puravi | Jeyamohan

I read Īrār̲ukālkoṇṭel̲um puravi at Sengkang library yesterday. I was able to start reading it yesterday night itself. Though I'm unable to absorb the content fully, I harked and laughted at many places. But it was a sad end. Jeyamohan's novels are totally unfit to read at night, as you have high chances of experiencing … Continue reading Īrār̲ukālkoṇṭel̲um puravi | Jeyamohan