A visit to Tampines Regional Library

Tampines library

On a sunny sunday, I took breakfast at Little India and left to Tampines library to resume ‘Ini naan urangattum’ – Tamil translation of a classic Malayalam novel ഇനി ഞാൻ ഉറങ്ങട്ടെ. I’ll write about this novel later in a weekend.

It was a coincidence, to read a story of Karna, beloved son of Kunti with Surya deva, I need to travel in a hot sun. With shrinked eyes due to glaring sun and a google map, I walked from the bus stop, crossed Tampines Square to reach Tampines library.

f: https://www.facebook.com/TampinesRL/
w: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tampines_Regional_Library

Tampines Library

Tampines would be part of the extension of DownTown line towards Expo. So I need to cross the heckles of construction signs, Cranes resting on a weekend like a shy parrot.

Way to Tampines Library

I crossed this place many times. But this is the first time I’m visiting it for reading. Though this building speculates your mind as if it is too old unlike the shiny AMK or Woodlands libraries, you need to realize that this is the first Regional library started in 1994.

Tampines Library

It has 3 stories. I went to the Childrens’ section on L1 first. This is the most energetic place in any public libraries here as vandoo-s would be roaming around, suspiciously watching a book, crying as if it was caged inside :). Surprisingly I saw a visible sign for Tamil Childrens’ books. I was so happy and I was digging into those books for sometime.

L2 has the racks for adult reading, Information Technology section and a reading room of normal size. It was fully occupied through the day.

Sad, No cafe inside.
We may need to go out of library to the nearby wet market. Of course, I did.


Iravu | Jeyamohan

Iravu – an ecstasic fantasy novel by Jeyamohan. I had taken from my Ang Mo Kio library couple of weeks for my reading during my flying in AI 347 & 346. The quality and intensity of Jeyamohan’s writings, doesn’t allow me so fast. Unfortunately, a work week came in between, as a huddle to finish this. At last, I found time to resume and complete this novel yesterday.

As Saravanan, the hero of this novel, I’ve been so inspired by nightlife, fascinated by two yakshi-s, Kamala and Neelima.The way neelima exposed her outright thoughts after some wine and the way disrupted mind of Mukherjee reacts when he was deceived by time made me so ecstasic.

I wrote a detailed note about this novel at iravu-jeyamohan

Iravu – Jeyamohan, published by Tamilini, Chennai. 2nd ed. 2011
This novel is available for free reading at இரவு – 1
To reserve your copy @ NLB– http://www.nlb.gov.sg/newarrivals/item_holding.aspx?bid=200127887

Unpacking a story box

I was not exposed to Amar Chitra Katha kind of stories when I was a kid, because of my remote location of a eastern Tamilnadu. My school time story teller was Dinamalar’s siruvar malar (I am proud, I bought their very first issue of Siruvar Malar), Ambuli Mama. During my elementary time, I exposed to Poonthalir.

May 2012, I subscribed to Ambuli mama (Tamil version of Chandama) again. It came to be a sad ending in June 2013. They closed down their subscriptions, though I had paid fully in advance for my subcription.


Dec 2015, I gave some books of Amar Chitra Katha to Kannan. He was showing interest.

Hence, I ordered for some packs from ACK before two weeks. It was delivered on 1st April (without fooling anyone!).




I’m afraid I’m overloading him. But he can slowly read them one by one before getting into young learners series. If he looses his interest, I’m here anyway to read and enjoy those books 😀








Such books are treasures. We can’t get them always. I had a pathetic experience with Chandama. Indian mythological comics are one among the best in the world – I know what I’m speaking about.