Writer Ashokamithran – A documentary screening

As part of Singapore South Asian International Film Festival, a documentary on eminent writer of Tamil/Indian English literary world  – Ashokamithran.

As I couldn’t reach on time, I missed the first part. It was a neat portrait of the writer. It is good to know that it has been completed and screened for the writer, before he died.

It has given space for other writers to criticize him, which adds value to the movie. If you want me to point out, I may recall Prapanchan, Na Muthusamy. But I regret to hear Actress Rohini’s criticism – without grasping the content of the story. Surprisingly Actor Nassar scores well! I raised my eyebrows ^^!

ashokamithran documentary

The dissimulating discussions after the screening, are not noteworthy, as it cares very much for the Indian society and it vowed to write against current Indian issues. As per fluid theory, if there is a low pressure, it would be filled up. if not, nothing would happen!

By the time you hear the term Ashokamithran, something may come across your mind. For me, it is his way of expressing something, in a polite but mighty language. This stylish film tries to follow him in this aspect.

Hope the film would be made available for public viewing asap!

Good work!


கவுனி அரிசி பொங்கல் | bubur hitam

This is a sweet blog post, which explains the cooking process of a popular Chettinad sweet dish – ‘kavuni arisi pongal’ (black rice pongal). Similar kind of sweet is called as Bubur Hitam in Indonesia/Malaysia/Singapore.

Things you need:

  1. Black rice (கவுனி அரிசி/kavuni rice) – 1 tumbler
  2. Jaggery powder (சர்க்கரை) – 3/4 of a tumbler
  3. Coconut scamble (தேங்காய் கால் மூடி துருவியது) – 1/4 tumbler
  4. Ghee – 2 spoons
  5. Salt – a pinch (Only to add taste. Do not add more)
  • Soak black rice for 4 hours. Because black rice is so hard. So do not cook like normal rice.
  • After soaking the rice, clean it. add 3 tumblers of water. Cook it in Indian rice cooker. Wait for 5 whistles. Wait until steam is released.
  • Reduce the flame.
  • Open the cooker. Release unnecessary water. Add jaggery powder and stir it well. Make sure the cooker content has sufficient water.
  • After jaggery is mixed with rice, add ghee, coconut scramble and pinch of salt and stir it well until it comes to colloidal state.
  • Switch off the stove. Serve the dish to your kids.

It would be a perfect evening time snacks or a perfect dessert for lunch.

Jurassic World: Fallen kingdom

Pictures: Universal Studio

After having a ‘blunch’ at a Kannada (Indian) restaurant in Farrer park, I wanted to go for a movie. Yes, it happens like that always when I stay alone. I washed my cloths, ironed twice. So, It is not good to waste this brisky weekend.

I wanted to for Kaala, recently released Tamil movie starring Rajini Kanth. The theater for not even half full. But ticket costs me 20 SGD. I had paid 18 SGD for Linga in the past. That was one of the mistakes I did. It was a disaster. My next choice was ‘Veere Di Wedding’. Not fully convinced with it, I got tickets Jurassic World, which was started 5 minutes. Ago.


The story line goes like this – After a fall of Jurassic world, Owen (Chris Pratt) and Claire (Bryce Dallas Howard) wish to save the remaining dinosaurs to a safer sanctuary from a volcanoic island near Costa Rica. A group of people, want to save the species. Another group of people wanted to use them commercially. Meanwhile, these group of people met with deadly dinosaurs, which makes their job much difficult. So this movie is a war between ethics and business.

Pictures: Universal Studio

Pictures: Universal Studio

The visuals were fantastic. I didn’t regret for missing Kaala. The way the volcanic eruptions are visualized is something I have never seen. The ashes and fire being effused like shells, is something very good.


Pictures: Universal Studio

Similar to previous Jurassic movies we can see the mass dinosaurs running, howling inside the forests! Can watch!

The Last Flower | James Thurber

Boys and girls were no more attracted to each other. Love disappeared from the face of earth. One day a girl saw the last surviving flower. She had seen a flower for the first time.

She told others that the last flower was also about to die.

the last flower 2


The Last Flower
Author – James Thurber
Translation – Ko. Ma. Ko. Elango
Publisher – Books for Children, Jan 2016

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Lot of people were dead in word war – I. Men, women and children became worse than animals. Because of lack of food and love.

the last flower 3

when the world was destroyed, only one flower left out. who helped the flower to survive? Read the story to know this.

the last flower 1

See you.




Harold and the Purple Crayon | Crockett Johnson

It was a terribly frightening dragon. It even frightened Harold. He backed away. His hand holding the purple crayon shook.

Harold and the Purple Crayon 2

Crockett_Johnson_(mid-1960s)Harold and the Purple Crayon
Author : Crockett Johnson
Translate: Ko. Ma. Ko. Elango
Edition: Books For Children, Chennai – First Edition January 2016

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Do you know what Harold did with a purple crayon?

It was not an ordinary crayon – it was a magic crayon. Because, he drew a town with that purple crayon but it was full of windows all over.

Harold is the only one character in this story.

Harold and the Purple Crayon 1

This is a kiddish and ‘not so good and not so bad’ story.

I like the climax because it is so good. You need to read this book at least once.

Surviving Parenthood

Magic Seeds | Mitsumasa Anno

“These are magic,” he said. “Bake 1 seed in the oven until it is red and then eat it. You will not be hungry again for a whole year. Bury the other seed in the ground now and care for it well”

Magic Seed 2

Mitsumasa-Annoமந்திர விதைகள் (Magic Seeds)
Author: Mitsumasa Anno
Tamil translation: Ko. Maa. Ko. Elango
Publisher: Books for Children, Chennai, Sep 2015


How Jack got 2 golden seeds?

I read this story “How a rich man feel when he saw gold rain?”. This story is not so bad or not so good.


The old man and the Jack are the two characters in this.

Magic Seed 3

One boy called Jack, got two large golden seeds, from a wicked old man as a gift. The old man taught Jack how to get benefit out of them.

Magic Seed 1

Read this story book to enjoy this story completely.

Surviving Parenthood