Vikram & Betaal’s hegira to Yala national park

Note to fundamentalists: Loveable Hinduism had given its followers the freedom to look at good and bad of Both Rama and Ravana. I worship Rama by singing Arunachala Kavi's 'Ramanai kannara kandale'. At the same time, I adore the sculptures of Ravana lifting Kailash in Siva temples. If you have a fundamentalist's view of Hinduism … Continue reading Vikram & Betaal’s hegira to Yala national park

Footsteps to Little Adam’s Peak

“Thangamani! is it not strange to play Kanda Sashti Kavacham, at this odd time, at an odd place?” Rangamani asked. The lights were on at early hours of day 5, 08-Jun-2019. Rangamani's family was getting ready in a hurry. The previous day ended with a sweet ending as the train trip was nice and the … Continue reading Footsteps to Little Adam’s Peak