A excruciating war starts | Mahabharata Paintings

Pandava finished their exile life Pandava-s sought refuge at Virata's palace and completed their incognito life Gaurava-s sniffed about Pandava-s hiding in Virata. They attacked Virata without giving any opportunity for Pandava-s. There was a small war in which Arjuna fount as Brihannala. Virata-s won the war to save their kingdom with Brihannala/Arjuna’s help. With … Continue reading A excruciating war starts | Mahabharata Paintings

Yudhishthira, A Failed Gambler | Mahabharata Paintings

Yudhishitra the failed gambler

Duryodhana was jealous about Pandava's wealth. In addition, he got humiliated when he fell down into water at the palace of Indraprastha. By mistake, he thought Draupadi mocked him with derision. He wanted to take revenge for this. Shakuni - his maternal uncle - consoled him. He ensured him that he can win Pandava-s with … Continue reading Yudhishthira, A Failed Gambler | Mahabharata Paintings

Indraprastha | Mahabharata Paintings

After Pandava-s married Draupadi, they could not hide any more. They exposed themselves to external world. They stayed in Panchala for sometime. Accompanied by Krishna, they reached Hastinapur. Khandavaprastha became Indraprastha They appeared before the blind king Dhritarashtra. He blessed him. The bilateral negotiations about the ownership of the throne was started. Krishna lobbied for … Continue reading Indraprastha | Mahabharata Paintings

Varanavata palace | Mahabharata paintings

The feud between Pandava-s and Kaurava-s reached a stage where both will not gel any longer. Duryodhana did his best to justify his right over the throne. Vidura justified the right of Yudhishthira on the same. To stop any further escalation, Dhritarashtra suggested building a dedicated palace for Kunti and her sons. He discussed this … Continue reading Varanavata palace | Mahabharata paintings