Geronimo Stilton #57: The Stinky Cheese Vacation

What is the book about? This book is about Geronimo Stilton. One day Geronimo Stilton, was finishing up work one evening when he opened a letter from Uncle Stingysnout. He needed to see him immediately! Stilton headed straight to Penny Pincher Castle for what he thought would be a nice visit. But his uncle Stingysnout … Continue reading Geronimo Stilton #57: The Stinky Cheese Vacation

Tenali Raman

ACK enchants children always. Here is the one on Tenali Rama.

கடைசி பெஞ்ச்

tenali ramanHi friends,

This story (Tenali Raman) is a Tamil book starring:-

Tenali Raman – Tenali Raman who is also known as Vikatavi (poet) was a Telugu poet was from a village called Tenali. He is also known as Raman. He was a funny and a intelligent man. He always make Krishnadevraya over joy .

Krishnadevraya– Krishnadevraya was an emperor of the Vijayanagar. He always laugh for Tenali Raman’s joke.

The Sage– Sage is a man who is devoted to gods. One of the old (from past) gave Tenali a secret Kali mantra. After this incident Tenali’s life changed.

Kali– Kali is a Hindu god. Kali changed Tenali’s life by giving him a sweet milk and a butter milk as one of the minister in the court.

Raj Guru– Raj Guru is also a minister in Krishnadvaraya’s court. Raj Guru was an enemy of Tenali Raman. Tenali…

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Harold and the Purple Crayon | Crockett Johnson

It was a terribly frightening dragon. It even frightened Harold. He backed away. His hand holding the purple crayon shook. Harold and the Purple Crayon Author : Crockett Johnson Translate: Ko. Ma. Ko. Elango Edition: Books For Children, Chennai - First Edition January 2016 Library Reservation NLB Connemara (Missing!) ebook Do you know what Harold … Continue reading Harold and the Purple Crayon | Crockett Johnson

Magic Seeds | Mitsumasa Anno

"These are magic," he said. "Bake 1 seed in the oven until it is red and then eat it. You will not be hungry again for a whole year. Bury the other seed in the ground now and care for it well" மந்திர விதைகள் (Magic Seeds) Author: Mitsumasa Anno Tamil translation: Ko. Maa. Ko. Elango … Continue reading Magic Seeds | Mitsumasa Anno

BOMB! | Jim Eldridge

Hi friends, I just read this story book. I was so thrilled as if I saw the Bomb itself. BOMB! Author: Jim Eldridge Illustrator: Dylan Gibson Publishing: Edinburgh : Barrington Stoke, 2011. NLB Reservation Connemara Reservation - Book not found. Vocabulary This is a thriller novella. A man called Rob came to defuse the bomb. … Continue reading BOMB! | Jim Eldridge

Storm | Kevin Crossley-Holland

"And the ghost?" said Annie. "That goes up and down and around and pays out passers-by," said Willa. The sisters fell silent and stared at the flashing water. Storm Author – Kevin Crossley-Holland Translator, Author of Children's books from United Kingdom Wiki – Storm (novella) NLB Reservation– Storm / Kevin Crossley-Holland ; illustrated by Alan … Continue reading Storm | Kevin Crossley-Holland

The Elusive Kaka – from Kannada Classic Kakana kote

Hi friends, I'm Kannan. I'm going to write about The Elusive Kaka (from Amar Chitra Katha). The Elusive Kaka is an interesting story. I like the Elusive Kaka story very much. The Elusive Kaka Story - Main actors are (King) Ranadhira, Kacha, Naga (the elephant), Gowda, Nayak and Chikkaiya. In that story I like 2 … Continue reading The Elusive Kaka – from Kannada Classic Kakana kote

Ananda Math – ACK

Hi friends, I'm Kannan. I'm going to write (about) Ananda Math story. Ananda math story actors' names are Sachitananda, Mahindra, Jivananda, Bhavananda, Kalyani, Shanti (etc). Ananda math story is excellent. That happen(s) near Kolkata. I learn a lot of new words in Ananda math.  My father teach(es) me the new words. -Kannan, M.