Ananda Math – ACK

Hi friends,

I’m Kannan. I’m going to write (about) Ananda Math story.

Ananda math story actors’ names are Sachitananda, Mahindra, Jivananda, Bhavananda, Kalyani, Shanti (etc). Ananda math story is excellent. That happen(s) near Kolkata. I learn a lot of new words in Ananda math.  My father teach(es) me the new words.

-Kannan, M.



Princess Candy – The green Queen of Mean

Hi friends,

I’m writing about (a) story.

I take a book in Serangoon Public Library. I read it. The name of the book is ‘Princess Candy’. My dear dad asked me to write about the story. I learn lot of words from the story. For example Queen of Mean, janitor, nightly, brilliance, meanwhile are the new words. I told my father I go to library (regularly) and take three books.

Princess Candy


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