Trichy Airport – Highly intoxicated

This is the first time, I am landing and boardig at Trichy airport with TR 2664 TR 2665.

Immigration queue is competing with Hanuman’s tail. I couldn’t even get into immigration lounge, I was standing in flights stove area.

Airport authorities pretends as if they are the only safe guards of smuggling. So they treat all passengers as if they are smugglers.

Every tamilian is carrying atleast 2 bottles of liquor for his kith and kin. The flight itself highly intoxicated with Tiger beer.

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Īrār̲ukālkoṇṭel̲um puravi | Jeyamohan

I read Īrār̲ukālkoṇṭel̲um puravi at Sengkang library yesterday. I was able to start reading it yesterday night itself. Though I’m unable to absorb the content fully, I harked and laughted at many places. But it was a sad end. Jeyamohan’s novels are totally unfit to read at night, as you have high chances of experiencing a nightmare.

I wrote a full reading experience at KB –