Sumitra | Kalpatta Narayanan

Sumitra dies suddenly. Those who come to attend her funeral, shares their memory in this novel. Sumitra (Novel)Author: Kalpatta NarayananTranslation: K.V. Shylaja (Malayalam - ഇത്രമാത്രം)Edition: Vamsi, Thiruvannamalai. (Second Edition August 2015) Library Reservation:NLB - Cumitrā / Malaiyāḷa mūlam, Kalpaṭṭā Nārāyaṇan̲; Tamil̲il, Kē. Vi. Ṣailajā .Anna Centenary Library: Not availableConnemara Library: Catalog site is down. Although … Continue reading Sumitra | Kalpatta Narayanan

Kratham | Jeyamohan

Kratham is the 12nd novel in the Venmurasu series, the modern rewriting effort of ancient epic Mahabharata by Tamil writer Jeyamohan. This portrays the spiritual journey of Arjuna, to get mighty weapons and  from the directional forces. This journey has connection with the previous novel Kandeepam. After he lost his one-to-one fight with Krishna, the … Continue reading Kratham | Jeyamohan