Tower of London -a tale of slaughterhouse

The Tower of London is located on the bank of River Thames and it is near to the iconic Tower Bridge. The ancient construction was being used as royal residence, treasury of jewels of the Royal Family. I went there on a cloudy weekend break. Before reaching that place, I had a pleasant walk on the streets near the London Bridge. That’s the day I realized London Bridge and Tower Bridge are different!

Tower of London is where the Kohinoor diamond – which was looted from India (India’s version) and gifted by Punjab king (UK’s version) – was kept. Interestingly, it had also been used as a torture house, jail, and slaughterhouse.

The human rights of the selected prisoners – who went to the Tower through Traitor’s gate – were blown in the chilly breeze of Thames. The heads of those unfortunate souls lost contact with their bodies. Those disjointed heads were pierced with spikes and kept for public display as a ghastly warning to others.

Anne Boleyn, drawing by Hans Holbein the Younger, c. 1534–35; in the British Museum, London. Image (c)

Anne Boleyn was born in 1507. She was the wife of King Hendry VIII. She was the mother of Queen Elizabeth – I. Before he married Anne, he ditched his first wife Catherine. She desired to marry Lord Henry Percy. But the King prevented her marriage diplomatically, as he himself loved her. I compare this with the influence of Tamil actor M.G. Ramachandran on Tamil actress Jayalalitha. More than his wish for a male heir, his desire for Anne drove him to break his marriage relationship with Catherine.

Henry and Anne married secretly. She gave birth to a female child. Soon, the king lost interest in Anne, too. He started hunting for other white girls. Still, she gave birth to a male child in January 1536. Just after 5 months, Henry sent her to this Tower of London on a charge of adultery. A new-mom, pacha-pulla-kari in Tamil, will be nourished and taken care of very well in India. She will get better nourishment from her mother, utmost love from all relatives. Despite being a queen, Anne did not enjoy these human rights. On the other hand, she was facing the slaughter house, at the age of 29, while her breasts were still producing milk for her 4 month-old baby boy. A girl was married and murdered after getting a male heir!

After two weeks, Henry married Jane!

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