Rules broken to kill Bhurishravas | Mahabharata Paintings

When Arjuna was in search of Jayadratha, he was hiding behind the Kaurava army. Arjuna got frustrated. Out of incapacity, Arjuna was a bit moody that day.

Bhurishravas was a prince of a Himalayan kingdom. He was part of the Kurukshetra war. He was ferociously fighting with Satyaki, Krishna’s follower. Satyaki’s sons were killed by Bhurishravas in the war field earlier. So as a father, his fatherly love pressured him to avenge Bhurishravas.

Bhurishravas and Satyaki were in a duel that day. Both of them lost their weapons during the scuffle. Later they started fighting with their hands. Bhurishravas hit Satyaki with his fist and dragged him inside the battle ground.


Alerted by Krishna, Arjuna – out of anger, and frustration – shot an arrow at Bhurishravas, which cut his arm. It was a worse violation of war rules to attack him when he is involved in duals that too, from his back. Arjuna should have been given a red card and pushed out of Kurukshetra.

Bhurishravas condemned Arjuna’s malpractice. He sat on the war field to perform Yoga. Satyaki made use of this moment and cut his head – another misconduct from Pandava side.

A prince from a faraway kingdom, fell prey to malpractice of Dharma and died on the red soil of Kurukshetra.

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