Jayadratha’s audacity on Draupadi | Mahabharata Paintings

Draupadi – the mother goddess – went through a difficult life after marrying to the Pandava-s led by the gambler Yudhishthira. I pointed out why Yudhishthira is more harmful to Draupadi than Dushasana in my earlier post. Please see Yudhishthira, A Failed Gambler. Her problems did not go away even in her exile life.

Jayadratha – King of Sindhu – was a womanizer. He was the husband of Dusshala, the only daughter of blind king Dhritarashtra. When Pandava-s lived in Kamyaka forest (Somewhere in Haryana state) during their exile, Jayadratha crossed that area with his army.

Jayadratha humiliates Draupadi
Jayadratha humiliates Draupadi

Draupadi lived a simple life and crossed his way. Leered by her beauty, he enquired about her. He came to know that she is Draupadi. When Pandava-s went out to collect food, he went to meet her with lascivious thoughts. Unaware of his motive, Draupadi engaged him until her husband came back. Later he asked her to come with him to Sindhu and forced her to be his concubine. Enraged by his insolent breach of conduct, Draupadi shouted at him. But he forcefully took her in his chariot despite her protest.

… Come. Ascend my chariot and discover complete happiness. The Parthas are wretched and live in the forest. They have lost their fortune and have been dislodged from their kingdom…. You should not serve them. …. Out of affection towards them, you should not suffer that misery. O one with …. ! Be my wife. Abandon them and obtain happiness. With me, share the kingdoms of Sindhu and Souvira.

Jayadratha to Draupadi, The Mahabharata Set Of 10 Volumes
Jayadratha humiliates Draupadi - Raja Ravi Varma
Jayadratha humiliates Draupadi – Raja Ravi Varma

Pandava-s chased him, after they came to know about him. Arjuna and Bhima scattered Sindhu’s army and punished Jayadratha severely. Yudhishthira came to rescue him, as he was the husband of their first niece. With unquenching anger, Bhima shaved one side of his head and mustache and left him alive.

Despite the entire episode being started by his uncivilized behavior, he wanted to take revenge.

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