Geronimo Stilton – Kingdom of Fantasy 1

Hey guys,

Happy New Year 2021.

Do you know Geronimo Stilton? He is a rodent living in the Mouse Island. He is the editor of Rodent’s Gazette, which is a famous news paper in the mouse island.

Geronimo had many adventures like going to America, time traveling and many other things. Even though Geronimo had a ton of adventure, here is a scaredy-cat.

The author of all Geronimo books – Elisabetta Dami – describes Geronimo from top to bottom in every story.

OK! Let me talk about the story the Kingdom of Fantasy – I.

This story talks about Geronimo who enters a fantasy kingdom knows as kingdom of fantasy.

There he meets dragons, witches, gnomes, pixies and fairies. His official guide is Scribblehopper, a well learnt literature frog. Scribblehopper was graduated in a Elvish university with a degree in mythology, fabeology and comparative legendary.

In this story, Geronimo is in a mission to save the queen of fairies and Kingdom of Fantasy – ‘Blossom’.

The queen of the witches – Cackle – is trying to kill Blossom and take over the Kingdom of Fantasy.

Will Geronimo save Blossom? Is Kingdom of Fantasy real?

This is not the beginning and end of Kingdom of Fantasy. There are thirteen adventures of Geronimo in Kingdom of fantasy and two epic adventures.

Stay Home. Stay Safe.

19th Margazhi, Sarvari year, Thiruvalluvar Year 2052.

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