Smoke and Mirrors | Pallavi Aiyar

Smoke and Mirrors is translated to Tamil as ‘Cheena – Vilahum thirai‘ (சீனா – விலகும் திரை). This is an excellent curtain raiser in Tamil for China, its quick economic development, twin sides of the Chinese society etc. She perceives China from an globalized Indian eye. From the moment she explains her visa processing at China embassy in Delhi, this books neatly explains different aspects of China with a wit – which explains ‘Beijing Olympics’, her encounter with Chinese educational institutions, tradiation abode of conventional dwellers etc.

I had written detailed introduction at சீனா – விலகும் திரை – I

Thanks to my friend Sivaan, for recommding this book.
Cheena – vilahum thirai‘ authored by Pallavi Aiyar, translated by Raman Raja, published by Kizhakku Pathippakam.

We should not under estimate the capability of Chinese people. Unfortunately, being under this communist party rule, they become more and more incubated.