Devavrata’s vow | Mahabharata paintings

Devavrata's vow (c) The Illustrated Mahabharata

River Ganga returned Devavrata to Shantanu. He was skillful. He was better than his father in martial arts. He was a virtuous young chap. No wonder, everybody liked him. Everybody thought he is the future of Hastinapur. He was crowned as prince of Shantanu's throne as well. Destiny finds those who listen, and fate finds … Continue reading Devavrata’s vow | Mahabharata paintings

Shantanu – Ganga | Mahabharata Paintings

Ganga. Picture Credit : Quora

Puru’s descendant is Pratiba. Pratiba’s son was Shantanu. Shantanu’s story is version 2 of Pururavas.Pratiba gave up his throne renounce his worldly pleasures. He had two sons. Devapi and Shantanu. Devapi had skin disease. As a norm, persons with a physical defect should not be crowned as a King. So he made Shantanu as king … Continue reading Shantanu – Ganga | Mahabharata Paintings

Yayati-Devyani-Sharmistha | Mahabharata paintings

Devyani came to know about Yayati-Sharmistha relationship -

The list of Chandravamsha kings will not be complete without Yayati. I wrote about him earlier as well Jeyamohan’s Yayati and Fellow Indians’ Shah Jahan. Emperor Yayati When Yayati went to forest, he went deep into it. He heard a voice of a woman inside the forest. He followed the path towards that voice. … Continue reading Yayati-Devyani-Sharmistha | Mahabharata paintings

Shakuntala | Mahabharata paintings

shakuntala/ Raja Ravi Varma/1930/

Shakuntala's story is yet another disappointing one of Chandravamsha. King Kausika was a Suryavamshi King. He wanted to be the the most powerful. He renounced all his wealth and wishes. He started his penance and meditation to attain his wish. Indra - the coward conspirer in Pururavas story – afraid that Kausika will be a … Continue reading Shakuntala | Mahabharata paintings

Pururavas and Urvashi | Mahabharata Paintings

Ganga Bhishma (c) Raja ravi varma heritage foundation

Chandravamsha or Lunar dynasty starts from King Pururavas. He is the son of Ila and Budh. Chandravamsha kings are driven by their love and unstable mind. It starts from him too. He saw an apsara - the celestial dancer - Urvashi on earth once. Immediately he fell in love with her. No need to explain, … Continue reading Pururavas and Urvashi | Mahabharata Paintings

Sarpa Sattra Yagna by Janamejaya | The Mahabharata Paintings

The snake sacrifice of Janamejaya, as Astika tries to stop it.

‘தட்சகன் விஷமயமானவன். அவன் பூமி மீது எஞ்சுவது பேரபாயம்’ என்றார் ஸௌனகர்.‘ஸௌனகரே, விஷம் இல்லையேல் அமுதும் இல்லை. தட்சகன் காமமூர்த்தி. சகலவிதமான செயலூக்கங்களுக்கும் காரணம் அவனே. அதை மறவாதீர்!’ (- ஆஸ்திகன்)English translation: ‘Takshaka is poisonous. Leaving him alive on earth is a disaster’ said Shounaka.'Shounaka, there is no amudham (elixir) without poison. Takshaka is icon of desire. He is the cause of all … Continue reading Sarpa Sattra Yagna by Janamejaya | The Mahabharata Paintings