Pursuing a Tamilian Cafe at Matunga

Have you ever tasted a South Indian Filter Coffee at Matunga? That was Jaggu's plan for 1st Dec 2007! Jaggu noted down the address of Mani’s lunch home. He boarded the train early in the morning of that bright Sunday. He took the whole stretch from Borivali to Church Gate, from where he switched to … Continue reading Pursuing a Tamilian Cafe at Matunga

An overcast Mumbai darshan

The travelogue starts at Mannar & Co. "Jaggu, You are leaving to Mumbai tonight. You need to report at Dahisar Materials Co, tomorrow morning. You will be there for a month to collect the scrap materials. Collect your tickets and guest house details from admin department" Jaggu's manager issued orders before he went out of … Continue reading An overcast Mumbai darshan