Naan Nagesh – நான் நாகேஷ் – Book Review

The history of Tamil cinema cannot be written without Nagesh. Nagesh has left his unique way of his body, mouth and eye language. He was captivated as a promising actor and protagonist by Director Sridhar and K Balachander. So stamping him as a comedian is like an attack on his personality. He was a full … Continue reading Naan Nagesh – நான் நாகேஷ் – Book Review

Smoke and Mirrors | Pallavi Aiyar

Smoke and Mirrors is translated to Tamil as 'Cheena - Vilahum thirai' (சீனா - விலகும் திரை). This is an excellent curtain raiser in Tamil for China, its quick economic development, twin sides of the Chinese society etc. She perceives China from an globalized Indian eye. From the moment she explains her visa processing at China … Continue reading Smoke and Mirrors | Pallavi Aiyar