Water Ghost of MacRitchie Reservoir

MacRitchie reservoir has plenty of nature trails of different distances and different difficulties. I had been there a couple of times to take the smaller trails. I had the courage to run my Decathlon Run 2021 there. One fine day Kannan and I went to the full stretch of 11Kms. This attraction has a haunting … Continue reading Water Ghost of MacRitchie Reservoir

V for Victory – war & love at Jersey

Jersey is a small and autonomous island under the shadow of the UK. It is part of Channel Islands. But it is not part of United Kingdom. St Helier is the capital town. This small water-locked country, has a close connection with India. Lal Bahadur Shastri wanted to transform a milk-deficient India into the world's … Continue reading V for Victory – war & love at Jersey

Sketching & Sculpting of Ajanta

The upper berths of Indian railways are like attics without a window! He appreciated himself for his philosophy and lying with crossed legs in his 'attic' of Devagiri Express bound for Mumbai. Travels - especially traveling alone - were the moment of dhyana for him. He used to get dazzling ideas during such travels. But … Continue reading Sketching & Sculpting of Ajanta