Geronimo Stilton #57: The Stinky Cheese Vacation

What is the book about?

This book is about Geronimo Stilton. One day Geronimo Stilton, was finishing up work one evening when he opened a letter from Uncle Stingysnout. He needed to see him immediately!

Stilton headed straight to Penny Pincher Castle for what he thought would be a nice visit. But his uncle Stingysnout put him straight to work. It was a really terrible vacation for Stilton!

My favourite Character:

My favourite character is Geronimo Stilton because he is kind-hearted and say no to anybody. I don’t like the uncle because he is money minded. I don’t know about others because they are not well defined.

My opinion of the book: The book was great. I love the cheese in the treasure.

Author: Geronimo Stilton
Illustration: Lorenzo De Pretto/Davide Corsi
Graphic: Yuko Egusa
Kindle: Geronimo Stilton #57: The Stinky Cheese Vacation

The Last Flower | James Thurber

Boys and girls were no more attracted to each other. Love disappeared from the face of earth. One day a girl saw the last surviving flower. She had seen a flower for the first time.

She told others that the last flower was also about to die.

the last flower 2


The Last Flower
Author – James Thurber
Translation – Ko. Ma. Ko. Elango
Publisher – Books for Children, Jan 2016

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Lot of people were dead in word war – I. Men, women and children became worse than animals. Because of lack of food and love.

the last flower 3

when the world was destroyed, only one flower left out. who helped the flower to survive? Read the story to know this.

the last flower 1

See you.




Harold and the Purple Crayon | Crockett Johnson

It was a terribly frightening dragon. It even frightened Harold. He backed away. His hand holding the purple crayon shook.

Harold and the Purple Crayon 2

Crockett_Johnson_(mid-1960s)Harold and the Purple Crayon
Author : Crockett Johnson
Translate: Ko. Ma. Ko. Elango
Edition: Books For Children, Chennai – First Edition January 2016

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Do you know what Harold did with a purple crayon?

It was not an ordinary crayon – it was a magic crayon. Because, he drew a town with that purple crayon but it was full of windows all over.

Harold is the only one character in this story.

Harold and the Purple Crayon 1

This is a kiddish and ‘not so good and not so bad’ story.

I like the climax because it is so good. You need to read this book at least once.

Surviving Parenthood

Magic Seeds | Mitsumasa Anno

“These are magic,” he said. “Bake 1 seed in the oven until it is red and then eat it. You will not be hungry again for a whole year. Bury the other seed in the ground now and care for it well”

Magic Seed 2

Mitsumasa-Annoமந்திர விதைகள் (Magic Seeds)
Author: Mitsumasa Anno
Tamil translation: Ko. Maa. Ko. Elango
Publisher: Books for Children, Chennai, Sep 2015


How Jack got 2 golden seeds?

I read this story “How a rich man feel when he saw gold rain?”. This story is not so bad or not so good.


The old man and the Jack are the two characters in this.

Magic Seed 3

One boy called Jack, got two large golden seeds, from a wicked old man as a gift. The old man taught Jack how to get benefit out of them.

Magic Seed 1

Read this story book to enjoy this story completely.

Surviving Parenthood

BOMB! | Jim Eldridge

Hi friends,

I just read this story book. I was so thrilled as if I saw the Bomb itself.

Author: Jim Eldridge
Illustrator: Dylan Gibson
Publishing: Edinburgh : Barrington Stoke, 2011.

This is a thriller novella. A man called Rob came to defuse the bomb. When another man Tom went to defuse it in the railway station, which is left by some criminals, he cut the wrong wire and he died on the spot.

Rob was from an Army. He had lot of experience to defuse the bomb. He hid himself in a ACE cleaner’s dress. The chapter ‘60 seconds left‘ was so thrilling.


Storm | Kevin Crossley-Holland

“And the ghost?” said Annie.

“That goes up and down and around and pays out passers-by,” said Willa. The sisters fell silent and stared at the flashing water.

Author – Kevin Crossley-Holland Translator, Author of Children’s books from United Kingdom
Wiki – Storm (novella)
NLB Reservation– Storm / Kevin Crossley-Holland ; illustrated by Alan Marks.
Connemara Reservation – NA

Storm Kevin Crossley-Holland 2

Hi friends,

I’m going to write about a novella called Storm. I like this story book because –

  1. It is a thriller
  2. I learn how to write a story

The main characters are given below.

Storm Kevin Crossley-Holland 3

  • Annie – A little girl living near the Marsh
  • Mr Carter – Annie’s father
  • Willa – Annie’s elder sister
  • Mrs Carter – Annie’s mother
  • Rod – Willa’s husband
  • Elkin – Owner of the farm land
  • Dr Grant – The doctor
  • Storm – Mysterious horse man
  • Chestnut mare- Storm’s horse

Annie knew the secret about the great marsh. She even heared about its ghost. But one terrible night, Annie must brave the stormy marsh alone. And that time not even she knew what to expect.

Storm Kevin Crossley-Holland 5

When there was a great storm in outdoor, Willa was pregnant and waiting for baby. Annie volunteered to go in the stormy night to bring Dr Grant. Though Annie was afraid of the ghost, she took this risk for her elder sister.

Storm Kevin Crossley-Holland 4

The mysterious horse man was not smiling. He had a fearful dark voice. But he was very kind to Annie. Whether Annie encountered with the ghost of marshland, was she able to meet Dr Grant? The climax answered these questions.

I took this book from Serangoon Public Library. My brother scribbled in its 13th page.

Happy Deepavali.

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The Elusive Kaka – from Kannada Classic Kakana kote

Hi friends,

I’m Kannan.

I’m going to write about The Elusive Kaka (from Amar Chitra Katha).

The Elusive Kaka is an interesting story. I like the Elusive Kaka story very much.

The Elusive Kaka Story – Main actors are (King) Ranadhira, Kacha, Naga (the elephant), Gowda, Nayak and Chikkaiya. In that story I like 2 scenes.

  1. Kacha saved Ranadhira’s life
    The Elusive Kaka 02
  2. Ranadhira helped Kacha in his dispute with Heggade.
    The Elusive Kaka 03

The Elusive Kaka 04The Elusive Kaka 05

Ananda Math – ACK

Hi friends,

I’m Kannan. I’m going to write (about) Ananda Math story.

Ananda math story actors’ names are Sachitananda, Mahindra, Jivananda, Bhavananda, Kalyani, Shanti (etc). Ananda math story is excellent. That happen(s) near Kolkata. I learn a lot of new words in Ananda math.  My father teach(es) me the new words.

-Kannan, M.



Princess Candy – The green Queen of Mean

Hi friends,

I’m writing about (a) story.

I take a book in Serangoon Public Library. I read it. The name of the book is ‘Princess Candy’. My dear dad asked me to write about the story. I learn lot of words from the story. For example Queen of Mean, janitor, nightly, brilliance, meanwhile are the new words. I told my father I go to library (regularly) and take three books.

Princess Candy


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