Murder Mystery [Movie]

Murder Mystery, a humorous thriller starring Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston, was released in 2019.

Nick, a NYPD police officer, has been an average performer in his duties. For over a decade since their marriage, he and his wife Audrey, a hairdresser, had been unable to make their dream of visiting Europe come true. However, for their fifteenth anniversary, they were finally able to make the journey.

During their flight, Audrey encountered Charles Cavendish, a wealthy individual. She was impressed by his wealth and personality, despite Nick’s jealousy. Rather than following their original tourist itinerary, Charles invited them to join him at a party on his private yacht.

The yacht was filled with people related to the billionaire family of Malcolm Quince. Malcolm, Charles’ uncle, had other plans regarding his wealth; he announced that his new and young wife, Suzi, would be his heir, leaving everyone else in dismay.

An unfortunate event has taken place – a murder. This has put Nick and Audrey in a difficult situation. Will they be able to manage it? Is the mystery of the murder solved? To find out the answers to these questions you will have to watch the movie.

I like or dislike the film. Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston make an excellent pair in this movie. But Adam Sandler uses every opportunity to score points with his humour. I particularly enjoyed the scene where Charles, Audrey and Nick meet on the flight. Nick’s jealous reactions to Charles had me smiling.

However, it’s Jennifer Aniston who really steals the show. The way she confronts her husband about the trip to Europe, and the way she develops a friendship with Charles are both incredibly humorous.

Overall, it’s a neutral choice with a positive bias for a weekend watch!

Watch: Netflix

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