Concealed heaven

She looked around quickly, to see if anything had been taken.

She hides a few of them in her Botany textbook. When her Botany teacher is illustrating the cross-sectional diagrams of flowers and seeds on the board, she takes advantage of the pause to quietly turn the pages and examine them one at a time. She finds herself lost in a blissful, fluffy cloud of contentment.

She was captivated by that enchanting smile and felt a thrill of excitement when their eyes met.

That day was testing her innermost joy. It was especially breezy that day. The wind flipped through the pages of her book and scattered her secret treasures across the floor of her classroom.

Her best friend Bhanu noticed them and gave a mischievous gaze, after recognizing them. Taking one of them, Bhanu returned to her companion with a sly smile. She then proceeded to reach for another, making a gesture that suggested she wanted to keep it for herself.

She stared wide-eyed at Bhanu, resembling Bhadra Kaali. She extended her finger and menacingly warned, “I’ll kill you.” Bhanu exhaled wearily in response before returning the rest.

She returned from the playground after her physical education class that afternoon and noticed that her school bag was open and her botany book was lying outside with pages flapping in the breeze.

She looked around quickly, to see if anything had been taken, relieved to find that those peacock feathers were still intact.

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10 thoughts on “Concealed heaven

    • It has a mysterious stare at us. I recall a line from a novel – Krishna’s eyes are half-closed when he plays his flute. But he looks at the earth through the eyes of peacock feathers. :-). Thanks for your visit and comment. Much appreciated. 👍


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