The Illustrated Mahabharata – Book Review

Mahabharata does not need an introduction. When we see the scenes with naked eyes, offer our minds a solvency from the monetary outfit of modern day society. Mahabharata admires every one of us. It looked to me like a story of the ramparts when I was a kid. When the read the latest version of Mahabharata novel series in Tamil – Writer Jeyamohan’s Venmurasu, the scourge of mass destruction, ego and humiliation stench all over the journey.

I saw this book in Chennai airport one day. That was the time Venmurasu was being released every day. I was one of the proud followers. On seeing this book on display, I had no other thoughts.

Name of the book: The Illustrated Mahabharata, The definitive guide to India’s greatest epic.
Editors: Bushra Ahmed, Rajrupa Das, Medha Gupta, Hina Jain, Seetha Natesh, Rupa Rao
Genre: Epic/Paintings
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ISBN : ‎ 978-0-2412-9972-2

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About the book

But it took me a month to read the whole book, because of the proximity of the characters brought by those illustrations. It has a collection of paintings from different sources.

One tale in every 2 pages generally. The pages are ornamented with paintings. The books starts at the Adiparva with the snake sacrifice (Sarpa sastra). The illustration from Razmnama stupors the reader.

There are 18 chapters to take the reader across all parva-s.

The book quotes the verses from the epic; it shows the family tree. It brings us paintings, carvings, and other art forms across the world.

Why I recommend this book?

  • This book is a nice story teller. You can leave it in the hands of kids of age 10+. They will get a memorable exposure to the Mahabharata stories starting all the way from Budh, Pururavas, Dushyanta etc.
  • To enjoy Krishna’s stories from Harivamsha.
  • We understand how Mahabharata is being admired by different part of the globe.
  • It is an excellent coffee table book to engage your guests.

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