[Movie] Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness

America Chavez and Stephen Strange are looking for the book of Vishanti. In the space between the universes they were chased by a monster.

Stephen Strange
America Chavez

After Strange died accidentally in that encounter, Chavez brought Strange’s corpse to Earth-616. Earth-616 has a version of Dr Strange. With the help of Buddhist Chief Sorcerer Wong, he saves Chavez from the octopus monster.


Chavez explains that demons haunt her because she has the power to travel between universes.

Strange consults with Wanda Maximoff as he realized the evil tantric acts in that octopus monster.

Wanda Maximoff

But Dr Strange realizes that she is responsible for the attacks.

Maximoff has two children, Billy and Tommy. She created them during his time in the Westview.

Westview image (c) marvelcinematicuniverse.fandom.com

She is trying to reunite with them. Scarlet Witch Maximoff hopes that she will be able to use Chavez’s cross-universe-travel skills to reunite with her children.

Maximoff at Westview – image (c) marvelcinematicuniverse.fandom.com

Dr Strange refuses to handover Chavez. He hides her inside the Kamar-Taj Buddhist monastery. War is raging between the witch Maximoff and the monastery sorcerers led by Wong. But Maximoff tricks them and kills many sorcerers. Before she capture Chavez, Chavez takes herself and Dr Strange to Earth-838.



Earth-838 has a verion of Maximoff in a suburb and lives with his children Billy and Tommy. At the same time as Chavez escapes, Maximoff uses the dream-walk technique of ‘Darkhold’ to control her counterpart, living on Earth-838 in a dream state. Sarah, a Buddhist sorcerer who survives the Kamar-Taj attack, sacrifices her life to destroy the witch’s Darkhold’s magical action, breaking her dream-walk.


An angry Maximoff threatens Wong to take her to the forbidden ancient temple, Mount Wundagore. There she continues her dream-walk again. She causes destruction in Earth-838 through her counterpart.

image (c) marvelcinematicuniverse.fandom.com

Meanwhile Strange and Chavez are looking for help. He is then arrested by Supreme Sorcerer Carl Morto of Earth-838, and is brought before the Illuminati, a group consisting of Morto, Becky Carter, Blogger Bolden, Maria Rambieau, Reid Richards and Charles Xavier.

Carl Morto

The Illuminati had previously recklessly used the Darkhold of their universe in an attempt to defeat Thanos. So they explain that Dr Strange version of Earth-838 triggered the “incursion” that destroyed the universe.


After defeating Thanos, the Illuminati kill their Dr Strange, to prevent further harm. Morto believes that Dr Strange (the one currently seeking help) of Earth-616 is equally dangerous.

Before the Illuminati’s verdict on Dr Strange is finalized, Maximoff restores her dream-walk from the Forbidden Temple on Wundagore Hill to arrive at the body of her Earth-838 native. She brutalizes all members of the Illuminati except Morto, and subdues Strange before he escaped with Chavez. The two escape with the help of Christine Palmer who is the ex-fiancé of Dr Strange’s of Earth – 838, He was a scientist working for the Illuminati.


Strange, Chavez and Christine enter the space between the universes and locate Vishanthi’s book which helps to destroy the evil acts of Darkhold. Alas. Maximoff appears and destroys it. She, then, takes Chavez’s mind. She uses Chavez’s potential to infiltrate others and send them into an universe which is destroyed due to incursion.

Meanwhile, on Earth-616, Maximoff begins her next attempt of Chavez’s attempt to seize power.

Meanwhile Dr Strange, sent by Maximoff, defeats the Strange version of the infiltrated universe. The Darkhold of that universe has spoiled the native version of Strange. He became a bad boy already!! After pushing down the villainous Strange, Dr Strange infiltrates the corpse of Strange buried in Earth-616 by the same Dream-walk technique. The corpse rises and acts against Maximoff. Was Dr Strange able to beat Maximoff? Was he able to save Chavez? You need to see the movie.

As the name implies, it is pure madness to write the plot of the movie. Unless we see on the screen, we’ll be mad!!

Earth-616 – Where Chavez and Strange escaped.

Earth-838 – The universe where Chavez and Strange escape after the defeat of the Kamar Das Monastery. This is where Maximofin’s children live.

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