The zeal with zest – Desert Safari

Any adventurous attractions involve risks. So is, Desert safari. Not sure if Indian families visiting Dubai realize it. Rangamani’s wish in Flying Ravana was blocked by the veto powers of Thangamani due to her calibration of risk against fun.

Ocean, Forest, Desert, Sky are symbolic representations of the behemoth called the cosmos. They are carnivorous creations of great power. When someone finds himself abandoned in a desert – where the massive dunes are being moved by dusty storms – he may lose his sense.

An adventure against those dunes without safety is insane. So this is my warning in the last post of #BlogChatterA2Z about any such adventures.

Desert safari is offered as a culture-coated adventure sport in Emirates. The smart drivers drive their SUV vehicles up and down, turning left and right, tilting here and there to abnormal inclinations relentlessly in the deserts of Dubai. With opened windows, half-bloated tires, these beetle like vehicles make the drivers the guardians of the lives of their guests.

Several incidents were reported about the fatal accidents in these desolated multitudes of sand dunes. Emergency services find it difficult to reach the location due to off-roading. So try on your own risk! Certainly do not risk your little ones by making them sit on your lap or shoulders or wearing unworthy seat-belts. Know what you are doing!

Your desert safari may have a shubh ratri!! Yes, Belly dancing.

Exotic belly dance in an oasis, after the sun hid himself behind the dunes, at an aura of yellow lights, is another attraction somebody should not avoid. There are tourists, who take the wise decision of skipping desert safari, but they assemble at belly dance camp. You may follow them, if you feel you are vulnerable.

Image (c) desertsafaridubai
Image (c) Habeeb
Deserted streets on a Friday morning (weekend)

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8 thoughts on “The zeal with zest – Desert Safari

  1. That’s a beautifully written post with all the details and wonderful pictures. I am yet to try a desert safari but enjoyed reading your post. Congratulations for completing A-Z 🙂 Keep writing.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you for your visit and comment; of course for your team spirit to encourage fellow bloggers to complete the challenge.
      Yes, you may try DS. Keep few bucks to gift to the dancer. 👍


    • Good to hear that. I was about to mention about the food. Later I left it as I didn’t have any pictures.

      Thank you for your continuous encouragement throughout A2Z journey. 🙏👍.


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