Pursuing a Tamilian Cafe at Matunga

Have you ever tasted a South Indian Filter Coffee at Matunga? That was Jaggu’s plan for 1st Dec 2007!

Jaggu noted down the address of Mani’s lunch home. He boarded the train early in the morning of that bright Sunday. He took the whole stretch from Borivali to Church Gate, from where he switched to Central line to reach Matunga.

Before reaching Matunga, he boarded the wrong train, which went to Matunga West. Again he blamed his fate and came back!

Kamalhassan fans are emotionally connected with this place because of his 80’s film Nayagan (नायागन). After getting down, he was taken over by the evident south Indian aroma like Tamil movie songs, posters, poo-kadai (flower shops). He enquired a shopkeeper about the way to reach Mani’s.

“Bhaiya, Mani Iyer Hotel kithar hai”

“ரைட்ல போய் பர்ஸ்ட் லெப்ல திரும்புங்க.” (Go right and take the first left) he responded in Tamil. Jaggu and the shop keeper laughed together!

Mani's Lunch Home. Photo (c) http://www.manislunchhome.in/
Mani’s Lunch Home. Photo (c) http://www.manislunchhome.in/

Jaggu resumed his walk through the flower shops. He ordered for a full meal on banana leaf with sambar, vathal-kuzhambu, Rasam, Payasam, and curd followed by a filter coffee.

What else? He had sound sleep back at the guest house. The flower shops, the rosary garlands hanging on the sticks, and the fingers tying the flowers filled his mind through out the day. “Velu Nayakkar” (The hero of Nayagan movie) was the only item missing!

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