Gritty walk to 9 arch bridge

Rangamani asked the troops, “Shall we trek to the nine arch bridge? Ready?”

ஒன்பது கண் பாலத்திற்கு, Way to 9 arch bridge, எல்ல
Way to 9 arch bridge, Ella

There are several routes to get to the bridge. There was a foot path created by the usage of locals and cattles. They trekked through it across the jungle.

Ella srilanka 09
Way to 9 arch bridge, Ella
Way to 9 arch bridge, Ella

Junga and Bunga took it as their adventure to walk through the field, canals, the overgrown trees, the small stream that crossed along their path, the clear water flowing through it, The brightness of the pebbles under the water, the crawling leeches and the bushes on the side..

Ella Srilanka 24
Way to 9 arch bridge, Ella
Ella Srilanka 23
Way to 9 arch bridge, Ella

The bridge was nice. It has a colonial fairy tale too. British got stuck while building this. A Sri Lankan engineer solved that problem. It was a proud moment for them.

You can look down slightly into the valley near by! You can walk across the bridge to enjoy the lovely breeze.

Junga ran on the train track! It was time for the train to arrive. Thangamani was shouting at him to come back!

It was a humid walk. Tender coconuts helped them to hydrate themselves. Rangamani stopped with two coconuts to show off himself as a table-manners-aware person.

The place was scenic. You can shoot nice photographs from different locations. Starting from the peak, all the way until the deep valley, you can trek and capture your pleasant moments.

ஒன்பது கண் பாலம், 9 Arch Bridge, எல்ல
9 arch bridge, Ella
Ella srilanka 10
9 arch bridge, Ella

“See guys, we see two disjointed hills- massive in structure- equal in power – will never get along. But a brick and mortar connects them. Humans are also like that. If a bridge satisfies their ego, they can mingle with others”. Rangamani appreciated himself ‘Wow. What a visionary thought it was!’. “What if it got a crack, my dear?” Thangamani refuted. Ranga did not expect a it. He said “Yah. That is another visionary thought” and laughed pathetically.

Ella srilanka 12
9 arch bridge, Ella

They walked across the bridge and waited for a train. The couple shared many other ‘visionary’ statements under the shade of vadam tree! Finally the train arrived. It was like a moving fairy in brown gown. It has a annoying noise like a demon with a broken throat. They waited almost for an hour to see the ‘blessed view’!

If you walk to this bridge, take 1000 or 1500 ml of water per head. Else you may be dehydrated.

There was a waiting area (or photo shoot area) on the side. There was place to sit and take photographs. There was a small potato field like in Nuwara Eliya.

They went to a local restaurant for lunch. There was no crowd. The road looked deserted even the previous day, when they came from the railway station. Many of the restaurants had empty tables. They ordered vegetarian rice and curry. In addition, they ordered curd/yoghurt separately. We have been served a delicious meal with lentil curry, coconut sambal, potato fritters, multi-veggie-curry, and papad. The meal came late. Probably they prepared it upon a confirmed order. They wanted to relax as well, m after a hike to little adam’s peak and trek to the bridge. Junga commented in relief, “The meal is good. Not like morning idly!!”. He was right. It was a tasty and healthy full-meal.

Rice & Curry, எல்ல
Rice & Curry, Ella

After the full meals, they wanted to rest well. They took away white rice, curd, and coconut sambal in the evening as well.

On that quiet lazy night, while the lights of the distant mountain town flickered, and the trains passed through the mountain in darkness, cicadas shrilled. Rangamani and Thangamani asked Junga and Bunga to join them for moon-meal.

Ella srilanka 16

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  1. Wish I could just take a step and magically find myself over the bridge, right away! Thanks for letting me travel through your words…words have the power to bridge reality & dream, i believe 🙂

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