Foul play – Bhishma on bed of arrows | Mahabharata Painting

10th day of the war – The pressure was on Arjuna to kill Bhishma. Because the old man was unbeatable and ruined Pandava‘s army. 10 days have passed already. War materials are being consumed day by day. But the war expanded in its own way.

So a foul play was planned by Krishna. He suggested Shikhandi – a third gender – to board Arjuna’s chariot. Krishna’s plan was to make Bhishma to lower his bow, so that Arjuna can use that moment for his benefit.

Bhishma refuses to fight with Shikandi
Bhishma refuses to fight with Shikandi

It worked out. Bhishma thought Shikhandi was a female. But Krishna justified him as a male. Bhishma did not want to fight with him and lowered his bow. Arjuna appeared from Shikandi’s back and shot Bhishma with arrows – batch after batch!

The hero of Mahabharata – the descent of the original Guru dynasty – fell on the ground on the bed of arrows.

Bhisma on arrows bed
Bhisma on arrows bed
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