City of ghosts – screening

swf 2017I rushed back to SWF in the evening. I thought I can get a ticket for City of ghosts. After bustling around the ticket corner, I was able to get one, finally. It was a full house show!

This documentary talks about Raqqa, a city in Syria located in the bank of a river. It starts with peoples’ agitation against the ruling government. An opportunistic extremists group takes advantage of the fall of the Government, which later transforms itself as the Islamic State.

This movie talks in the perspective of anti-ISIS citizens of Syria from Raqqa. How they launched an online campaign to expose the atrocities to the world. Their efforts, losses are portrayed as a pinch of salt.

When they exposed ISIS to the world in its early days, world did not pay attention. Later they realize the risk of this group. As I hear this dialog in this movie, I recalled about India’s global effort to expose Pakistan. Even now, I could see global media, including Straits times, mention them as militants not terrorists!

Still, ‘the nation wants to know’ how an extremism is nourished by global Muslims, though it is clear that ISIS is not fighting or Islam, but for their own benefit. Countries like India, Indonesia, Malaysia lost their citizens (men & women) to this group. What makes them to nod their head?



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