Storm | Kevin Crossley-Holland

“And the ghost?” said Annie.

“That goes up and down and around and pays out passers-by,” said Willa. The sisters fell silent and stared at the flashing water.

Author – Kevin Crossley-Holland Translator, Author of Children’s books from United Kingdom
Wiki – Storm (novella)
NLB Reservation– Storm / Kevin Crossley-Holland ; illustrated by Alan Marks.
Connemara Reservation – NA

Storm Kevin Crossley-Holland 2

Hi friends,

I’m going to write about a novella called Storm. I like this story book because –

  1. It is a thriller
  2. I learn how to write a story

The main characters are given below.

Storm Kevin Crossley-Holland 3

  • Annie – A little girl living near the Marsh
  • Mr Carter – Annie’s father
  • Willa – Annie’s elder sister
  • Mrs Carter – Annie’s mother
  • Rod – Willa’s husband
  • Elkin – Owner of the farm land
  • Dr Grant – The doctor
  • Storm – Mysterious horse man
  • Chestnut mare- Storm’s horse

Annie knew the secret about the great marsh. She even heared about its ghost. But one terrible night, Annie must brave the stormy marsh alone. And that time not even she knew what to expect.

Storm Kevin Crossley-Holland 5

When there was a great storm in outdoor, Willa was pregnant and waiting for baby. Annie volunteered to go in the stormy night to bring Dr Grant. Though Annie was afraid of the ghost, she took this risk for her elder sister.

Storm Kevin Crossley-Holland 4

The mysterious horse man was not smiling. He had a fearful dark voice. But he was very kind to Annie. Whether Annie encountered with the ghost of marshland, was she able to meet Dr Grant? The climax answered these questions.

I took this book from Serangoon Public Library. My brother scribbled in its 13th page.

Happy Deepavali.

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