Iravu | Jeyamohan

Iravu – an ecstasic fantasy novel by Jeyamohan. I had taken from my Ang Mo Kio library couple of weeks for my reading during my flying in AI 347 & 346. The quality and intensity of Jeyamohan’s writings, doesn’t allow me so fast. Unfortunately, a work week came in between, as a huddle to finish this. At last, I found time to resume and complete this novel yesterday.

Iravu Jeyamohan

As Saravanan, the hero of this novel, I’ve been so inspired by nightlife, fascinated by two yakshi-s, Kamala and Neelima.The way neelima exposed her outright thoughts after some wine and the way disrupted mind of Mukherjee reacts when he was deceived by time made me so ecstasic.

I wrote a detailed note about this novel at iravu-jeyamohan

Iravu – Jeyamohan, published by Tamilini, Chennai. 2nd ed. 2011
This novel is available for free reading at இரவு – 1
To reserve your copy @ NLB–

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