Unpacking a story box

I was not exposed to Amar Chitra Katha kind of stories when I was a kid, because of my remote location of a eastern Tamilnadu. My school time story teller was Dinamalar’s siruvar malar (I am proud, I bought their very first issue of Siruvar Malar), Ambuli Mama. During my elementary time, I exposed to Poonthalir.

May 2012, I subscribed to Ambuli mama (Tamil version of Chandama) again. It came to be a sad ending in June 2013. They closed down their subscriptions, though I had paid fully in advance for my subcription.


Dec 2015, I gave some books of Amar Chitra Katha to Kannan. He was showing interest.

Hence, I ordered for some packs from ACK before two weeks. It was delivered on 1st April (without fooling anyone!).




I’m afraid I’m overloading him. But he can slowly read them one by one before getting into young learners series. If he looses his interest, I’m here anyway to read and enjoy those books 😀








Such books are treasures. We can’t get them always. I had a pathetic experience with Chandama. Indian mythological comics are one among the best in the world – I know what I’m speaking about.

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