Why Apple Ipad couldn’t be a good friend of mine?

Apple will be a good toy for kids, but not for those who needs extra.
Here are the justifications from side, How Apple may loose against Microsoft in tablet war?

1. Mouse – Though Android and Windows tablets are supporting pointing device (Mouse), Ipad never bothered to support it. The dump piece ipad doesn’t support mouse even in its latest versions. – Apple didn’t guess right, It thinks that tablet will be used only for reading and playing games. VERY BAD DESIGN!

2. Keyboard – Keyboard support is good, but not user friendly. Probably for those who are using Mac Books, it may be user friendly. But it is not at all good. The way they use curser keys, tab keys are really stupid. Only a drunkard project manager can imagine such a crap hardware. The keyboard support becomes a failure, it doesn’t support all the languages!

3. Productivity tools – The safari browser is a stupid tool, which doesn’t support the features supported by Firefox/Chrome. When you get into the webpages, those are using javascripts extensively, Safari will behave like a mad dog! Google chrome doesn’t work well in Ipad, as it works on other tablets.

4. Sluggish! – When you work with too may apps, I could see the ipad is freezing. Suck!!! Even my smart phone handles too many apps without any problem! When you type too many text on wordpad, you will feel Ipad is screaming – not out of excitement, out of pain!!

5. Poor USB Support – Android and Surface tablets gives wonderful USB Support which can be used to connect keyboards, dongles and USB Storage devices. Ipad scores 0 out of 100 on this. It lacks the MicroSD slot as well – Stupid Hardware!

Finally, I lost money on Ipad. Its a damn stupid piece, which doesn’t support me when it is needed. It is a good fit for pony tailed, poker faced & chubby cheeks!


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